Seminar (online): T. Bountis "Integrable and nonintegrable Lotka-Volterra systems"

Опубликовано A.Tolbey - чт, 21/10/2021 - 09:51

Speaker:  Tassos Bountis (P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University, Russia)

Date and time:  27.10.2021, 17:00 (GMT +03:00)

Title: Integrable and nonintegrable Lotka-Volterra systems

Abstract:  In recent years, there has been renewed interest in the study of anti-symmetric Lotka-Volterra Hamiltonian (LVH) systems of competing species. In particular, it is interesting to add linear (or nonlinear) terms to these systems, and either seek to preserve integrability, or investigate the dynamics of ''nearby'' nonintegrable systems in the n-dimensional phase space.

In this talk, I will first show how new integrable classes of LVH systems were discovered applying the Painlevé property, and then demonstrate that ''nearby'' non-integrable systems typically continue to possess very simple dynamics. Finally, I will discuss some very recent findings revealing possible connections between the Painlevé property and Brenig's method of integrating polynomial systems of ODEs by reduction to canonical form.

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Дата мероприятия
ср, 27/10/2021 - 17:00